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Virtual Exchange Global Teaching and Learning Grant


The Office of International Affairs, the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, and the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation, are sponsoring the second grant competition to develop internationally focused teaching and learning exchanges at Ohio State, using a variety of online platforms and mediums.  

Faculty, instructors, staff, researchers and STEP mentors are all welcome to apply. The broad definition of “Global Learning” is embraced that includes a variety of ways diverse people collaboratively learn and address complex global problems that transcend borders. Research findings show that such high-impact experiences at “home” are great motivators to study, participate in internships, and are better prepared to start their careers.

Proposals are sought for initiating new and diverse global teaching Collaborative Online International Learning and virtual exchange initiatives to internationalize student learning experiences and the development of global competencies such as:

An example of developing such competencies is Ohio State’s Global Option, curriculum enhancement programs to internationalize the student learning experience. Colleges have designed curriculum based on a broad set of global competencies. A list of colleges’ Global Option can be viewed at

Global education intercultural pedagogies are numerous and can all be used and implemented under this virtual global teaching and learning initiative. View a list of the 2021 Global Teaching and Learning grant recipients

For assistance in drafting a proposal, addressing the needs of a particular program type or more broadly to draw on expertise in planning and implementing international learning experiences, please contact:

The Office of international Affairs is already facilitating new collaborative online international teaching and learning opportunities at Ohio State, helping identify partners and working closely with all proposed projects. Please refer to the list of services offered.  

Review Criteria

Both virtual course and component development are accepted, and a stipend will be awarded based on merit, considering the following criteria:


Stipends will range from $500 to $2,000; funds to be transferred to unit by June 30, 2022.

Once selected, please contact Jen Simmons or John Muir at the Office of Technology and Digital Innovation to schedule your consultation.

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Proposals must include:

Submit your application and upload your materials.

Questions may be addressed to