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Credit Evaluation

For most programs, it is best to obtain pre-approval for the courses you will be taking while studying abroad. Each academic department at Ohio State has a transfer credit coordinator with whom you will need to work to obtain this pre-approval. Depending on your course selections, you may need to meet with coordinators from several different departments.

To ensure that the appropriate transfer credit coordinators complete the Education Abroad Evaluation of Credit Form correctly and within an appropriate timeframe:

  • Review the course descriptions on your third-party, direct enroll or exchange program website and determine what courses you intend to take while abroad. It is a good idea to have several “back-up” courses approved, in case the courses you intend to take are not offered or are full.
  • Identify the transfer credit coordinator for the department in which you wish to receive credit. View the transfer credit coordinator list to find the appropriate contact.
  • If you wish to receive credit from different departments, you must meet with the transfer credit coordinator in each department.
  • For each transfer credit coordinator with whom you meet, you will need to have a copy of the Education Abroad Evaluation of Credit Form. You will also need to have a copy of the syllabus or course description for each class you plan to take during the education abroad program.
  • At the meeting, you need to bring copies of all appropriate documentation with you. You may need to leave the Evaluation of Credit form with the transfer credit coordinator and pick it up at a later date. In most cases, the coordinator will be able to pre-approve your proposed education abroad courses for equivalent Ohio State credit. However, in some instances, the coordinator may need additional information and will not be able to evaluate a course prior to your departure. If this occurs, please encourage the coordinator to contact your program's education abroad specialist with any questions.
  • Return the completed Evaluation of Credit Form electronically to Tony Valle, education abroad liaison for the College of Arts and Sciences. If the form is sent electronically, it must come from the Ohio State email address of the transfer credit coordinator. Alternatively, the student may submit a signed hard copy to 135 Denney Hall, 164 W Seventeenth Avenue.
  • Completed forms for students participating in direct enroll and third party provider programs out of the College of Engineering may be sent to Leslie Roberts.

Some important points to remember:

  • All courses that you complete abroad must be evaluated for graded Ohio State credit.
  • Some transfer credit coordinators may not sign off on a course until you have returned from your education abroad experience. If you meet with the coordinator upon return, you may be required to show a syllabi, transcript and completed coursework. Please be sure to bring course materials home with you.
  • A transfer credit coordinator cannot sign off on a course that is not within his or her department. For example, someone in the History department cannot sign off on International Studies credit.
  • You must have all courses signed off before any of the credit that you obtained abroad can be posted to your record.
  • You will have one semester from the time that we receive your overseas transcript to complete this process. If you do not complete the process in the allowed time, a hold will be placed on your account and a grade of "E" will be recorded for the ARTSSCI 5797 course.
  • Once your credit evaluations and transcript are submitted to Tony Valle, it may take up to a week for the credit to appear on your record. When the graded credit is posted, it will appear under the Transfer Credit tab of the Study Information System.
  • You are responsible for making sure that a transcript is sent to our office. Often the transcript is sent automatically; however, in some instances you may need to request the transcript to be sent or the transcript may be sent directly to you.
  • If you had all courses that you took abroad pre-approved, the sponsoring college's education abroad liaison will notify the Registrar of the final results.
  • If you took courses abroad that were not pre-approved, or you need to obtain final approval, you will need to visit with the appropriate transfer credit coordinator before any of the coursework you did abroad can be posted.