Dec 14, 2022

Ohio State visits to India in 2022

Aravind Chandrasekaran traveled to India to meet with existing and potential partners.

India continues to be a pivotal location for promising research collaborations and partnerships. Twenty-one Ohio State faculty and staff members visited various locations around India to attend conferences, deliver lectures and further their collaborative work and research in 2022. Noteworthy Ohio State visits included faculty from the Fisher College of Business, Wexner Medical Center and The James - The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Fisher College of Business

Aravind Chandrasekaran and Manoj Garai meet with partners at Mahindra.

Aravind Chandrasekaran, associate dean, Graduate Programs and Executive Education, visited India in May to further executive education in the corporate space. He met with stakeholders in ongoing partnerships and also engaged with organizations for potential future collaborations. He also attended the in-person Pre-Departure Orientation session on May 28 for incoming students from across India.

Anil Makhija, dean, visited in November to strengthen relationships with partners and to meet alumni in Delhi and Mumbai. A meeting with prominent hospitals sparked interest to develop trainings on clinical operations excellence for resident doctors.

Jurriaan de Jong, senior lecturer, Operations and Business Analytics, delivered a workshop session for the Tata Global Emerging Leaders Seminar in July.  

Wexner Medical Center

Abhay Satoskar, professor, vice chair, Department of Pathology, visited India multiple times in 2022 to further his work on developing his vaccine to combat Leishmaniasis, including visiting Patna, Mumbai and Pune.

Shyam Bansal, assistant professor, Physiology and Cell Biology, visited India in October to meet principal investigators at Central University of Haryana to set up potential collaborations and explore the possibilities of writing Indo-US grants. Bansal also delivered a lecture and interacted with students during his visit.

The James - Comprehensive Cancer Center

Natarajan Muthusamy, professor, Hematology, attended a conference in December at the Vellore Institute of Technology, and visited SRM University in Chennai and PSG Coimbatore. Muthusamy will also be traveling to Bangalore to present at the ‘Recent Advancements on TB and HIV Research’ conference on January 11.