Sep 8, 2021

Ohio State and EducationUSA host information session for Bangladeshi students

Gil Latz, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, welcomed prospective students to the virtual session.

EducationUSA partnered with Ohio State to host a virtual information session for prospective Bangladeshi students with the hopes of attracting them to attend college in the Buckeye state. Gil Latz, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, along with faculty and students, presented insightful details about Ohio State as well as graduate student opportunities via the Facebook live event on August 25. This presentation was part of a countdown to the EducationUSA South Asia Fall Virtual Tour 2021. 

“Ohio State brings together outstanding students from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in order to spark dialogue, enhance creative thinking and strengthen cultural understanding to best prepare our students to live, work and make a difference in the world today,” Latz said during the program.

Latz detailed Ohio State’s 30-year relationship with Bangladesh, and one that has only grown stronger since its beginnings in 1990. Currently, the university has 30 graduate and 20 undergraduate Bangladeshi students and seven faculty of Bangladeshi origin.

Latz introduced Ohio State’s Bangladesh Student Association (BSA), an active organization that celebrates Bangladeshi culture, builds a community and friendship for students and participates in campus events like Taste of OSU.

The presentation was moderated by Sultana Nahar, a professor within the Department of Astronomy, who is from Bangladesh. Nahar has worked to promote Ohio State in Bangladesh since 1993 by delivering seminars, giving scientific lectures, donating astronomy books and more. 

Enam Chowdhur, an assistant professor in Material Science and Engineering, also represented Bangladeshi faculty at Ohio State and discussed his research with laser technology, Ohio State’s  protocols for students amid the COVID-19 pandemic and advice for applying to graduate programs at the university. 

Ohio State alumni and graduate students with ties to Bangladesh joined the presentation to share their own experiences with the university, providing information on admission, daily life on campus, funding opportunities, research and other useful details. 

Imran Jahan, former BSA President and president and CEO of Stratosphere Aviation, described the BSA’s activism and community building, which was an impactful part of his time at Ohio State. 

Graduate students from Bangladesh, Mohammad Wahidur Rahman and Shah Mahmud Hasan Chowdhury, also told listeners about their time at Ohio State. The students answered questions about classwork, campus life and the research they conducted with the university.