Jul 19, 2021

New name for Education Abroad unit reflects broader range of services, program offerings

The Office of International Affairs has changed the name of its Education Abroad unit to Global Education. 

The new identity is in response to trends within international education, acknowledges that intercultural competencies can be developed outside of the traditional international mobility-based model and better aligns with opportunities to offer a broader range of programming. Additionally, virtual education has the potential to provide students greater access to global opportunities.

Global Education reflects the expanded scope of the unit’s responsibilities, which includes providing logistical and administrative support for recently developed Collaborative Online International Learning initiatives offered by several colleges, the creation of a set of core services to manage implementation of international online academic programming, the launch of co-curricular programming, such as the Buckeye Bridge virtual series and the Buckeyes Abroadcasts podcast, and the potential for in-person intercultural academic programs domestically.

All of these initiatives align with the overarching goal within the International Strategic Plan that calls for Ohio State to educate all students to be interculturally competent and globally engaged citizens.