Mar 31, 2020

Klein Awarded Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award

Elizabeth Klein

Elizabeth Klein, interim chair and associate professor of health behavior and health promotion at the College of Public Health, has received a Fulbright Distinguished Chair Award to Adelaide, Australia for “Reframing Tobacco Warnings to Promote Female Smoking Cessation.”

Klein will be conducting innovative research at Flinders University that uses eye-tracking methods (near-infrared cameras that capture precise eye movements when viewing content on a screen) to study attention to health messages within reproductive age female smokers.

“The resulting cross-country comparison with parallel U.S. research will better inform health communication strategies for campaigns and policies to better engage hard-to-reach smokers in this under-served population,” stated Klein. “The results will yield valuable empirical evidence for impacts of message framing in tobacco control policy. I am confident the Fulbright Program will help me build collaborative opportunities that will mutually benefit both the U.S. and Australia.”

Klein has worked in tobacco control research in the U.S. for many years and is eager to gain experience in Australia where they allow more aggressive policies around tobacco use.

For more information about the Fulbright Scholar Program, visit or contact Joanna Kukielka-Blaser.