Oct 25, 2022

India Gateway meets prospective students

As a core strategic area of focus, the India Gateway is meeting with and assisting prospective students learn more about Ohio State. High school visits and fairs have started with the India Gateway participating in the Omega Career Fairs organized by Cialfo along with the Lalaji Memorial Omega International School and Heartfulness Education Trust in Chennai on August 13. More than 1,100 prospective students and parents across grades nine to 12 attended, including 165 students in their final year of high school. 28 universities from India, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and United States participated in the fairs.

Students who visited the Ohio State table inquired about the programs offered, application requirements, internship and career opportunities, scholarships, undergraduate research, and more. Students indicated interest in diverse programs they wanted to apply to and inquired about career pathways with the flexibility to explore options of specialization. The Gateways team will attend fairs in Mumbai and other cities in India in September.

Vinod Rani, alumni and academic services manager, is the point of contact for any kind of incoming student inquiries.