Aug 6, 2021

India Gateway features incoming students

With the start of autumn semester just around the corner, new international students from India share their excitement and anticipation about joining the Buckeye family.  

Amrutha Shenoy, a first-year in biology, plans to pursue an advanced degree in medicine, a choice that is very personal. Shenoy is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India. 

I lost my mother Dr. Sarita D. Shenoy, a PhD graduate from the University of Maryland College Park to a disease called systemic lupus erythematosus,” Shenoy said. “So, as I grew up, I became more curious about the diseases, why and how some people get affected, and that’s how I made a choice to major in biology. 

Yashi Shah, a first-year in architecture from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, hopes to travel the world and to continue her childhood interest for building unique structures. 

“This degree means living my passion,” Shah said. “I hope to make lifelong friends from all over the world.” 

Sherry Bansal from Ludhiana, Punjab is a first-year graduate student studying Food Science and Technology. Bansal looks forward to experiencing the multitude of cultures at Ohio State and exploring the possibilities of food science.  

“The importance of food science to tackle the growing concerns about food security in the world and the research opportunities available at Ohio State drove me all the more towards choosing an academic career in food sciences,” Bansal said. 

Pranav Aggarwal, a first-year in astronomy from Ludhiana, Punja, is interested in space exploration and quantum physics. 

“Space holds mysteries with endless possibilities and can lead to discovery of something we never thought or cannot even imagine is possible,” Aggarwal said. “A degree from Ohio State would help me learn from the best professors in the field and would help me get involved with hands on research experience.”