Jun 7, 2021

Global Teaching and Learning Grant recipients announced

The Office of International Affairs and the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures announced seven recipients of the Global Teaching and Learning Grant for virtual education and cultural exchanges at Ohio State. 

The Global Teaching and Learning Grant strives to develop global competency and provide opportunities for international learning experiences in an online setting, allowing participants to understand and collaborate with diverse cultures at Ohio State and around the world. The recipients of the grant proposed programs within the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Global Teaching and Learning Grant recipients are:

  • Matt Dreher for “Collaborative Aviation Learning through Internationally Integrated Classwork,” Center for Aviation Studies, in partnership with Mae Fah Luang University (Thailand) and Seneca College (Canada)
  • Howard Greene for “Sustainable Community Development Collaborative Partnership;” Office of Diversity, Outreach and Inclusion Office; in partnership with Zamorano University (Honduras) and Heart to Honduras 
  • Gisell Jeter-Bennett for “Exploring Race, Gender, and Class in Engineering Education;” Office of Diversity, Outreach and Inclusion; Rio, Brazil and Bahia, Brazil
  • Danielle Schoon for “Virtual Exchange in Istanbul, Turkey,” Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, in partnership with Kadir Has University (Turkey)
  • Larysa Stepanova for “Virtual Component to the Upper-Level Language Class,” Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, in partnership with Russian Federal University (Russia)
  • Lyn Tjon Soei for “The Transnational Feminist Legal Advocacy Clinic,” Department of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, in partnership with Amsterdam Law School (Netherlands) and Bureau Clara Wichmann (Netherlands)
  • Sarah Van Beurden for “The Afro-Ecuadorian Diaspora: A Collaborative Classroom Project;” Department of African American and African Studies; Quito, Ecuador

Matt Dreher, program manager with the Center for Aviation Studies, said virtual programs decrease barriers to receiving a global education, accommodating students without financial means and flexible course schedules necessary for traditional education abroad programs. 

Dreher said he proposed his program with the hopes of expanding the Aviation Studies’ international cultural courses, because exposing students to other cultures and backgrounds improves their ability to collaborate and solve complex problems.

“Regardless of a what a student’s financial background or situation is, we want to make sure that when they leave Ohio State and they go in to the working world, into the industry, that they’re prepared to interact in a conscientious and self-aware manner with people from around the world,” Dreher said. 

Danielle Schoon, senior lecturer for the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, was awarded the grant for her virtual exchange program in Istanbul, Turkey with Kadir Has University. 

Schoon said this program will give students a chance to immerse themselves virtually in Turkish culture after political circumstances prevented Ohio State students from studying in the country for years. The program will consist of online conversations with students in Istanbul and a variety of virtual educational events, like discussions with Turkish scholars and artists. 

Students in any field can benefit from global education programs like hers, Schoon said, because they will learn how to embrace diverse experiences and perspectives in life and their future careers. 

“When students leave this course, they are going to be more interculturally competent,” Schoon said. “You recognize those differences, you engage with them and then you actually leverage those differences to have a more satisfying experience for everybody.”