Mar 18, 2022

Global Gateways release 2021 annual reports

Ohio State’s Global Gateways foster new and existing partnerships, provide support for faculty research, teaching and global education, assist in the recruitment of international students, coordinate events, conferences and workshops on emerging, global topics and connect and engage with alumni. To learn more about the Global Gateways, view their 2021 annual reports, which highlight partnerships and programming and demonstrate how they further Ohio State’s mission in China, India and Brazil.

Each of the Global Gateways represent an innovative dimension of the university’s global engagement. As part of Ohio State's commitment to enhancing its global connections, the university opened offices – Global Gateways – in key parts of the world. The China Gateway in Shanghai was established in 2010, the India Gateway in Mumbai in 2012 and the Brazil Gateway in São Paulo in 2014. These locations capitalize on the strengths of Ohio State's collaborations across the globe and provide the university with a myriad of opportunities for student, faculty and alumni engagement.