Mar 9, 2021

COIL virtual exchange learning community launched

The Office of International Affairs and the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning have created a learning community to promote Collaborative Online International Learning/Virtual Exchange (COIL/VE). The aim is to support instructors in designing new global and intercultural student learning experiences in virtual modalities. These new programs, which may be course-based or project-based, should connect Ohio State students with their peers around the world through collaborative learning and meaningful intercultural interactions in a virtual space.

Who can participate?

Faculty and instructors from all colleges are invited to participate in the COIL/VE Learning Community. Of particular interest are those with experience in developing education abroad programs as the COIL/VE Learning Community has a specific focus on education abroad alternatives, virtual exchange logistics and best practices of facilitating intercultural learning in online settings.

What is the value for participants?

COIL/VE LC will introduce various modes of COIL and its core components. Participants will learn how to partner with international colleagues, choose appropriate intercultural learning outcomes, find resources for online learning and administer valid and reliable assessment measures. They will become familiar with various ways to facilitate intercultural learning and collaboration in virtual contexts.

Participants will engage in course design, intercultural learning and assessment, together with peers and experienced facilitators. Additionally, each participant will receive $1,500 discretionary fund to be used for course development, materials and professional development. Participants may also be interested in applying for the course development grant

Important Dates and Online Application:

The application process begins on March 5. Interested applicants are welcome to contact Cindy Jiang ( or Laurie Maynell ( with questions. 

  • Applications open: March 5
  • Applications due: April 5
  • Notifications to applicants: April 12
  • Commitment forms due: April 15
  • Online application

Learning Community meetings will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in May from 1-2 p.m. (May 4-27). The expected total time commitment is 20 hours. All meetings will be synchronous via CarmenZoom.  Participants will be expected to read/view/work through resources provided by facilitators. Meeting topics may include:

COIL/VE Introduction Designing and facilitating intercultural learning in virtual context
COIL Support and Resources Backward design: Course design and learning outcomes
Technology for COIL Inclusive teaching
Developing Virtual Education Abroad Programs: Logistics and Resources Assessment of COIL learning outcomes