Jun 1, 2021

Clinical specimen collection publication in BioMed Central Medical Education Journal

Source: CDC

As part of GOHi’s ongoing Global Health Security Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the technical team and partners shared a recent publication, Standardizing clinical culture specimen collection in Ethiopia: A training-of-trainers. Proper specimen collection is central to improving the delivery of quality patient care by ensuring optimal yield of diagnostic tests, guiding appropriate management, and targeting treatment.

This is especially critical for accurate and effective COVID-19 testing. The article describe the development and implementation of a training-of-trainers educational program designed to improve clinical culture specimen collection among healthcare personnel (HCP) in Ethiopia.

A Clinical Specimen Collection training package was created consisting of a Trainer’s Manual, Reference Manual, Assessment Tools, Step-by-Step Instruction Guides (i.e., job aides), and Core Module PowerPoint Slides.

A two-day course was used in training 16 master trainers and 47 facility-based trainers responsible for cascading trainings on clinical specimen collection to HCP at the pre-service, in-service, or national-levels.

The Clinical Specimen Collection Package is being offered online via The Ohio State University’s CarmenCanvas online platform. The training-of-trainers approach may be an effective model for development of enhanced specimen collection practices in low-resource countries.

Access the full, open source article online.