Nov 24, 2020

Brazil Gateway's virtual photo exhibit

To celebrate the Brazil Gateway’s accomplishments from 2020, a virtual photo exhibit shares images that were on display during the Brazil Sesquicentennial event in February 2020 in São Paulo.

This virtual exhibit recognizes Ohio State’s history of engagement in Brazil since 1965 as well as the students, alumni, partners, faculty members and staff who played an essential role. 

Thank you to all who helped bring Ohio State and Brazil closer together throughout the years.

Highlighted in the virtual exhibit are many important moments of Ohio State's and Brazil's 150-year history through 25 images—from the first recorded Brazilian student, Isaac Abramson in 1946 to Ohio State’s first delegation visit to USP School of Agriculture (ESALQ) in 1964 to recent activities involving students, visiting scholars and faculty. Copies of historical documents, including a faculty letter from 1936, also were included in the exhibit.