Jan 23, 2023

Apply for global education scholarships by February 17

Global education scholarship applications have moved to ScholarshipUniverse, a scholarship matching tool that connects applicants and current students to thousands of internal and external scholarship opportunities year-round in a single, easy-to-use online source.

Students are matched to scholarship opportunities they are eligible for based on their academic record and profile, which they can update anytime by answering questions about themselves. Additional applications might be required for some scholarships.

There are a wide range of scholarships available for global education. It is important to review all your options carefully. There could be funding available according to your major or special interest, as well as scholarships offered internally through Ohio State and sources outside of the university. 

The spring 2023 competition will close February 17. With scholarship amounts ranging from approximately $175 to $3,000, the spring competition will award funds to students traveling on summer, academic year and autumn semester programs. Students can access the scholarship application through ScholarshipUniverse at by logging in with their Ohio State username and password.

Global education scholarships include:

Francille M. Firebaugh Global Education Fund
Global Education Endowed Fund
Global Online Learning Scholarship
Kathryn M. and Dan E. Moore Study Abroad Scholarship
O-H-I-O Global Education Scholarship
The Boshara-Iannotti Family Scholarship for Young Scholars Studying Abroad
The Daniel G. Amstutz International Studies Scholarship Fund
The John T. Mount Fund for Regional Campuses
The Jutta and Peter Neckermann Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship

For more information about global education scholarships, visit, email or schedule an appointment with a global education specialist.