Aug 6, 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Vikas Goel (MBA, Class of 1990)

Graduating from Fisher College of Business in 1990, Vikas Goel reflects on his career and success since his time at Ohio State over 30 years ago.  

After graduation, Vikas navigated India’s economic reform, international business opportunities and cultural differences with his Buckeye education, leading him to his current position as Managing Director and CEO of PNB Gilts, Ltd. in Delhi, India.  

“Given the short time I spent on campus, those formative years have had a disproportionately larger influence and impact on me and how that has gone to shape my personal and professional life, compared to any other major activity that I have handled since,” Vikas said. 

With PNB Gilts, Ltd., one of the first entities to be granted the Primary Dealership License by the Reserve Bank of India, Vikas attributes his success largely to guiding principles and education he received at Ohio State.  

“Be collaborative rather than competitive when working as a team,” a mantra that Vikas picked up at Hagerty Hall, is something that he has woven into his professional career.  

One of Vikas’ most satisfying career moments is when he led the PNB Gilts, Ltd. team to its second highest profit grossing year ever. It was gratifying for him to see his high-performing team realize his vision and aiming for the next level of challenges. 

He is also a marathon runner and has completed all six of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, one of only 50 Indians to do so. Long distance running is a personal passion of Vikas’. It exemplifies his aspirations of balancing his personal and professional life well. 

Vikas has remained connected with the campus over last several years through the India Gateway, attending alumni events and gatherings with faculty when they visit India. 

He hosted two undergraduate intern cohorts that visited in pre-pandemic years. Seeing this role as a way of giving back, he helps students with their own cultural adjustments and learning opportunities.