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Buckeyes Abroadcasts: an Education Abroad Podcast

ScientificRootsinEurope2020Buckeyes Abroadcasts, an education abroad podcast, is making its official debut this week.

Hosted by Ryan Vonderhaar and Charlie Gbur, Buckeyes Abroadcasts will discuss education abroad programs, resident directors, ways to stay globally engaged while remaining in the U.S. and the basics of education abroad including program type, how to apply for a program, grants and scholarships and more.

The first episode, featuring Office of International Affairs experts Jeannie Simmons, Jenny Kraft, Elizabeth Angerman and Louise Yahiaoui, discusses the basics of education abroad and the different types of Ohio State approved programs to choose from.

Listen to Buckeyes Abroadcasts on Soundcloud and iTunes.