New Brazilian Buckeyes to Watch: Marcia Mota Macedo

In this feature series, the Brazil Gateway will be spotlighting new Brazilian students who will be attending Ohio State. We are sure they will do great things at Ohio State! Join us in welcoming these new Buckeyes!

My name is Marcia Mota Macedo and I graduated in languages. I teach Portuguese as a foreign language for over 10 years, and for four years, I host a YouTube channel, where I teach Portuguese to speakers of other languages. During this time, I felt the absence of adequate materials to teach Portuguese to speakers of other languages. At the same time, I became familiar with the Ohio State Department of Hispanic Linguistics and saw the work being done by professors and graduate students in this area of the university.

I soon came to the conclusion that I should do the PhD program because I believe that my experience in teaching, researching and producing Portuguese materials for Spanish speakers will be further developed with the PhD program of Hispanic Linguistics offered by Ohio State University.