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Flanagan Awarded JET Program Position

“The reason I decided to apply for this program is because I had such an amazing time during my study abroad program that I wanted the chance to live in Japan again and to experience the work-life, the school-life and what it’s like to live somewhere outside of the remarkable metropolis that is Tokyo,” Flanagan said.

The JET Program features three types of positions applicants can apply including assistant language teacher, coordinator for international relations and sports exchange advisor. Flanagan was hired to be an assistant language teacher and will be notified of her placement towards the end of May.

Flanagan said every student should take the chance to study abroad no matter the length of the program.

“The amount of things you can experience by immersing yourself in another culture is an invaluable opportunity that I think everyone deserves to experience at least once,” Flanagan said. “I loved my year in Japan so much that I decided to apply for the JET Program just for a chance to go back and to continue seeing more sides of Japan and Japanese culture.”

For more information about the JET Program, visit jetprogramusa.org.