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Andia opens doors for Quechua instruction at Ohio State

Elvia Andia Grágeda

Elvia Andia Grágeda, Quechua instructor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The Ohio State University, recently became the first American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)-certified Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) tester for Quechua. Andia, a native speaker of Quechua, is in fact the first certified OPI tester for any American indigenous language. Quechua is an indigenous language family spoken by the Quechua peoples, primarily living in the Peruvian Andes and highlands of South American.

 Her accomplishment will allow young Quechuan speakers to apply to OPI grants, credits and certification, including the Seal of Biliteracy, which is granted to high school students who can demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English and an additional language and makes students more competitive when applying for college, the workforce or language-related positions in the military.

After receiving her certification, Andia redesigned the syllabi and activities of her Quechua courses to target the development of students’ communicative competence and attract students that want to learn and communicate in Quechua.

“We are so lucky to have such an innovative instructor as Elvia Andia,” said Dr. Terrell A. Morgan, professor of Hispanic Linguistics at Ohio State and director of the Center for Latin American Studies. “Her expertise and dynamism have made us the very best place in the United States to study Quechua, and her trailblazing collaboration on the ACTFL OPI assessment instrument continues Ohio State’s tradition of leadership in the teaching of Least Commonly Taught Languages in general.”

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