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Astronomy professor awarded adjoint professorship at Cairo University

Sultana N. Nahar

Astronomy Professor Sultana N. Nahar has been appointed as adjoint [sic] professor of physics at Cairo University (Egypt). Cairo University’s Department of Physics applied for the appointment in 2016 and the final approval by the president occurred on May 30, 2018

“I am very honored to have this opportunity,” said Nahar.

The position is for one year, but is renewable every year at the recommendation of the University of Cairo’s Physics Department. As adjunct professor, Nahar will help young scientists in Egypt learn more about the field of applying spectroscopy as a tool to further understand the solar system and the structure of materials existing in stars. She will deliver lectures and carry out research studies.

Nahar has been involved with Cairo University since being a keynote speaker at the international conference, Modern Trends in Physics Research (MTPR), organized by Cairo University in 2008.

She has also led a research-based lecture course on atomic astrophysics since 2013 in the Physics Department of Cairo University. The course has attracted participants from numerous universities, such as Al Azhar, Ain Shams, October Six, Menoufia, Menia, and research institutes such as National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Zewail City of Science and Technology, National Research Center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Ministry of Environmental Research.

For her contributions, Nahar was also awarded the Golden Dome Shield in 2015, a rare recognition, by Cairo University's president.

Nahar’s long-standing relationship with Cairo University has proven to be beneficial to both institutions by helping expand connections and create collaborative work.