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Global Perspectives: Beatriz Schmidt

Beatriz Schmidt

Schmidt is a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at the Federal University of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, who spent one semester at Ohio State.

I spent one semester as a visiting scholar linked to the Human Development and Family Science Program at The Ohio State University, and it was such a wonderful experience! I had the opportunity to develop great work with my faculty sponsor, Professor Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, PhD. We discussed data pertaining to my dissertation, regarding co-parenting across the transition to parenthood in Brazilian families. In co-authorship with my PhD advisor in Brazil, Professor Piccinini, we wrote articles and presented posters in scientific events held at Ohio State, like the International Scholar Research Exposition and the Education and Human Ecology Student Research Forum (you can see Professor Schoppe-Sullivan and me in the picture at one of these events). Shortly after I returned to Brazil, I successfully defended my PhD dissertation. I was also awarded a scholarship for a postdoctoral internship in psychology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, which is enabling us to continue such a productive and enjoyable collaborative endeavor amongst the research groups in Brazil and the United States.

During my period at Ohio State, other activities also enabled me to enhance knowledge in my scholarly areas of interest, to get to know different research methods and to improve my academic writing skills. I would especially highlight attending groups with students and faculty members at the Human Development and Family Science Program, as well as seminars at the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy and the Institute for Population Research. All these experiences provided me with rich opportunities to think about some possible implications for practice and policy in my field, considering the features of Brazilian families with children.

Even before arriving at Ohio State, I felt very welcomed in my first contacts with Professor Schoppe-Sullivan and the Brazil Gateway’s office. This feeling remained the whole time I spent there. The chance of engaging in events offered by the Office of International Affairs, such as the English Conversation Program, allowed me to meet friendly people from the United States and other countries, as well as to improve my English skills. Through these cross-cultural interactions encouraged by The Ohio State University, I changed my perspectives on the world. Likewise, the workshops sponsored by the Ohio Union Activities Board supported me in terms of career planning and academic growth.

Beyond my professional development, results derived from this collaborative endeavor are in line with Brazilian goals and efforts concerning the internationalization of graduate programs, given the exchange of ideas and establishment of partnership amongst researchers from different countries, aiming to enhance research quality. Therefore, I thank The CAPES Foundation for awarding me with a scholarship for the PhD internship in the United States, as well as Ohio State for enabling me to have this terrific Buckeye experience!