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Seeking Applicants for the Freeman-ASIA Award

Within the first semester of returning to the United States from their education abroad program, Freeman-ASIA recipients are required to promote and share their experience by completing a service project requirement based on their service proposal in their application.

Ohio State senior Japanese major Ciara Townsell was awarded the full $7,000 Freeman-ASIA scholarship and studied Japanese at Tenri University in Nara, Japan, for 11 months.

“With my education abroad program, students must study Japanese for two years before studying at Tenri, and I studied Japanese for four years before leaving,” Townsell said. “I also studied grammar, conversation, linguistics, and took several culture classes that were taught in English, but we had to write papers in Japanese for extra practice. I could pick whatever classes I wanted as long as they were Japanese intensive.”

Townsell said she would not have been able to study in Japan without the Freeman-ASIA award and encourages everyone thinking about studying abroad to apply for as many scholarships as they can.

“I encourage anybody to go out for any scholarship, specifically Freeman-ASIA,” Townsell said. “They helped me a lot. If I hadn’t have received this scholarship, there was no way I would have been able to pay for my living costs. I was very grateful to the Freeman-ASIA for accepting me and awarding me the funds."

The deadline for the Freeman-ASIA scholarship for spring 2018 education abroad programs is October 18. Applications for summer 2018 programs opens early January 2018 and fall or academic year 2018-2019 opens February 2018.

For more information about the Freeman-ASIA scholarship, click here or contact the Office of International Affairs.