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Mahindra joins GearLab Consortium in College of Engineering

Mahindra Reva, a Bangalore, India-based company has joined a research consortium within Ohio State’s College of Engineering that focuses on transmission technologies and providing research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. The relationship with Mahindra began in 2013 when senior leadership in the College of Engineering visited the electric car manufacturer’s headquarters, followed by subsequent visits by Rajendra Singh, professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Singh’s relationship with Mahindra prompted the company to join the consortium formed by Ohio State’s Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory.

GearLab is a research group dedicated to aiding sponsoring industries and government agencies by:

  1. Enhancing gear and power transmission technology through fundamental and applied research and transfer research results
  2. Providing graduate and under graduate students with applied educational and research opportunities in gear and power transmission related disciplines
  3. Keeping sponsors updated on latest gear and transmission technologies

Mahindra introduced the utility vehicle to India in 1947. Nearly 70 years later, Mahindra remains India’s No.1 utility vehicle maker, and their vehicles ply the roads in more than 70 countries. Today, the company offers a complete portfolio from electric vehicles to SUVs to pick-ups and heavy commercial vehicles.

Mahindra is creating world-class R&D facilities in India and the United States, and along with Mahindra group company, SsangYong Motors of South Korea, hopes to create a top global mobility brand.

As part of this collaboration, Jonny Harianto, senior research engineer at GearLab, visited Mahindra-Mahindra in Chennai and Mahindra-Reva in Bangalore in mid- July 2017 to conduct software training and enhance their gear and power transmission technology.