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Cultures and Politics in Central Asia offered Spring 2017

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to take NELC 5204: "Cultures and Politics in Central Asia" in Spring 2017. Students will explore a little-known but globally significant region at the nexus of Islamic revival, post-communist democratization, Eurasian geopolitics and security, vast energy reserves, and millenia of historical connection with the Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, and Indian worlds. The course will look at Central Asia under and after Soviet-Russian rule, its rapid modernization, experience under communism, changing role of women, the creation of nations, distinctiveness of its Islam, its new markets, its vast energy sector, and the emergence of neighbor China.

Course: NELC 5204: "Cultures and Politics in Central Asia"
Credits: 3 credit hours
Time: M  2:15 - 5:00 p.m.
Place: Dulles Hall, Room 012
Instructor: Dr. Morgan Liu

Class format is seminar and lecture with close interaction with professor and students. Will include in-depth analyses of books, articles and in-class films. Course requirements: writing two drafts of a term paper, presenting paper to class, leading one class discussion, and active participation.

Students may register for the course via Buckeye Link. Contact Morgan Liu with any questions.