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Blueprint for the Global University

William BrusteinIt is evident that today higher education faces rapidly shifting economic, political and national security reality and challenges. In order to respond to these changes, William Brustein, vice provost for global strategies at Ohio State, believes that universities must develop ways to graduate globally competent students that possess a combination of critical thinking skills, technical expertise and global awareness. And if institutions of higher education plan to equip students with the necessary skills to actively participate in today's world, they must pursue a comprehensive and systemic approach to campus internationalization. Brustein's revised essay, It Takes an Entire Institution: A Blueprint for the Global University, outlines the 10 pillars that in his view are the foundation for today’s global university.

"A global university is one in which international and multicultural experiences and perspectives are fully embedded into its teaching and learning, research and discovery, and engagement and outreach missions," he said, rather than the creation of international 'silos.'

In order to strengthen a university's core mission, Brustein’s 10 pillars include: 1) internationalizing strategic planning, 2) internationalizing the curriculum, 3) eliminating barriers to education abroad, 4) requiring foreign language proficiency, 5) internationalizing faculty searches, 6) incorporating international contributions into the faculty reward system, 7) upgrading senior international officers’ reporting relationships and placing senior international officers on key university councils and committees, 8) embracing a holistic approach to the international student experience, 9) drawing upon the expertise and experiences of and engaging fully local immigrant or diaspora communities, and 10) making global academic partnerships an institutional priority.

Since Brustein joined Ohio State in 2009, Ohio State has won several key international awards, including NAFSA’s Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization in 2014. To learn more about Brustein’s vision for the global university, read his essay: It Takes an Entire Institution: A Blueprint for the Global University.

William Brustein’s original essay appeared in Ross Lewin’s 2009 edited The Handbook of Practice and Research in Study Abroad: Higher Education and the Quest for Global Citizenship.