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Brustein and Roberts expose the role played by European left on development of anti-Semitic views in new book

William BrusteinWilliam Brustein and Louisa Roberts examine the role that the historic European left has played in developing and espousing anti-Semitic views in their forthcoming book, The Socialism of Fools? The Leftist Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press), July 31, 2015. Anti-Semitism, as it has existed historically in Europe, is generally thought of as having been a phenomenon of the political right. To the extent that 19th and early 20th century leftist movements have been found to manifest anti-Semitism, their involvement has often been suggested to be a mere fleeting and insignificant phenomenon.

Brustein, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs, and Roberts, a graduate student in the field of sociology at Ohio State, collaborated to research a wide range of primary and secondary sources, including the analysis of left- and right-wing newspaper stories, to trace the relationship between the political left and anti-Semitism in France, Germany and Great Britain from the French Revolution to World War II, ultimately concluding that the relationship between the left and anti-Semitism has been much more profound than previously believed.

An expert in the field of international education as well as a professor of sociology, political science and history, Brustein has published widely in the areas of political extremism and ethnic/religious/racial prejudice. His 1996 book The Logic of Evil: The Social Origins of the Nazi Party, 1925-1933 was the winner of the 1997 James S. Coleman Distinguished Contribution to Rational-Choice Scholarship from the American Sociological Association, Rational-Choice Section. Brustein has authored two other books which include: Roots of Hate: Anti-Semitism in Europe Before the Holocaust (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press), 2003; and The Social Origins of Political Regionalism: France, 1849 to 1981 (Berkeley: University of California Press), 1988. In addition, he has written over 50 articles, chapters and essays.


Presentation and Q&A at Barnes & Noble at Ohio State

William Brustein and Louisa Roberts will give readers a glimpse of their new book, The Socialism of Fools? The Leftist Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism, on Wednesday, September 16 from 4 – 5:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 1598 N. High St.  Register to attend the event.