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$130,000 in Grants and Scholarships Awarded for International Projects

The Office of International Affairs has awarded over $130,000 to faculty and students as part of its 2014 grant and scholarship competition. The annual grant competition’s purpose is to promote the understanding of foreign countries, cultures, and people through academic study. Grants are given for projects that explore the languages, cultures, arts, politics, economy, or socio-demographic aspects of a foreign region. Awards can be used to support research projects and student programs. Additionally, a research track awarded proposals aligned with Ohio State's Discovery Themes.

This year, four faculty members have been awarded grants totaling $17,750 and 17 students have been selected to receive grants totaling $50,825.

The Office of International Affairs also partnered with the Office of Research and the Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Diseases (PHPID) program to fund and support Gateway Research Seed Grants and a PHPID research seed grant track totaling $57,984. Six research projects were awarded in these two categories.

Two graduate students received the Sonkin-Bergmann Wasserman Scholarship and the Phyllis Krumm Scholarship, totaling $3,500.

Faculty Awards

Robert Agunga, Agricultural Communication
Strengthening Agricultural Extension in East Africa: A Comparative Study of Ethiopia and Tanzania
Grant: $4,500

Ousman Kobo, History
The Gun and the Rosary: The Peaceful Jihad of Sheikh Boubacar Swawdogo and French colonialism in Burkina Faso, 1920-46
Grant: $4,500

Mark Bryan, Geography
Changing Glacier Waterscapes: Advancing Transdisciplinary Andean Studies
Grant: $4,500

Amanda Lea Robinson, Political Science
2014 Midwest Group in African Political Economy Conference
Grant: $4,250

Student Awards

Patrick Bell, Environmental Science, Ph.D. Student
Sustainable Intensification for Improving Soil Quality and Adapting to Climate Change for Smallholder Farmers in the Uluguru Mountains of Tanzania
Grant: $3,000

Isacar A. Bolaños, History, Graduate Student (doctoral)
Dates, Tides, and Plague: Environment and Administrative Reform in Basra and the Ottoman Gulf, 1839-1909
Grant: $3,000

David Bwire, Education, Doctoral Candidate
Exploring Inter-cultural Pedagogies for Pluralism Through an Alaska-Kenya Case Study
Grant: $3,000

Claire Cain, Health Behavior and Health Promotion, First Year Graduate Student
Understanding and Addressing HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination in Rural Honduran Communities
Grant: $2,285

Litong Chen, Chinese Linguistics, Ph.D. Student
Dapeng Dialect: an Undocumented Cantonese-Hakka Mixed Language in Southern China
Grant: $3,000

Lori A. Critcher, Anthropology, Ph.D. Candidate
The Impact of Multiple Long-term Stressors and Instabilities: A Bioarchaeological Analysis
Grant: $3,000

Samuel Cruz, Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Ph.D. Candidate
São Paulo and Buenos Aires: Urban Cinematic Representation in Contemporary Latin America
Grant: $3,000

Elizabeth Gardiner
Long-term Impacts of Land Grabbing: Assessing the impact on Households and Communities in Cameroon
Grant: $3,000

Sarah Garver, Sociology, Second Year Graduate Student
Measuring Individual Uncertainty among Vulnerable Populations in Rural Malawi
Grant: $3,000

Margaret Hanson, Political Science, Ph.D. Student
The Politics of Property: Land Rights in Central Asia
Grant: $3,000

Ana Estefania Kim, Rural Sociology/Environment and Natural Resources, Latin American Studies, Graduate Student
Consultation in Peru as a Solution to Conflicts over Mining in Fragile Ecosystems and Indigenous Territories
Grant: $3,000

Yun-Jeong Min, Art History, Ph.D. Candidate
The Reception of Western Art and the Art Academy during the Meiji Period of Japan
Grant: $3,000

Pranietha Mudliar, Environment and Natural Resources, Third Year Doctoral Candidate
Role of Heterogeneity in Collaborative Water Management: A Comparative Study
Grant: $3,000

Anindita Sengupta, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Doctoral Student
India's Transnational Surrogacy Industry: Questions of Kinship, Family, and Nation-building
Grant: $3,000

Jennifer Spence, Anthropology, Ph.D. Candidate
Tooth Eruption, Nutritional Status, and Weaning and Feeding Decisions in the Brazilian Amazon
Grant: $3,000

Oliver Wigmore, Geography, Ph.D. Candidate
Assessing Variability in Pro-Glacial Soil Moisture: Linking Processes and Scale, Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Grant: $3,000

Justin Wilmes, Ph.D. Candidate
Projecting Social Concerns: Ethical Visions in Russian Independent Cinema
Grant: $3,000

Gateway Research Seed Grant (non-PHPID, standard track)

Esperanza J. Carcache de Blanco, Pharmacy
Fitofarmacos for Health and Wellness
Grant: $9,984

Imed Dami and Katrina Cornish, HCS
New Industrial Crop Initiative: Evaluation of Drought-Tolerant Guayule in Water-limited Resources in Tunisia
Grant: $10,000

Suzanne M. Gray, CFAES
Linking Freshwater Biodiversity and Water Quality in Uganda Through Research and Education
Grant: $8,000

Robert Lee, Pharmacy
Ursolic Acid-loaded Liposomes for Chagas Disease
Grant: $10,000

Gateway Research Seed Grant (PHPID track)

Jesse Kwiekk, MI&I
Alison Norris, CPH
Xueliang Pan, Center for Biostats
Evaluating the accuracy of a low cost diagnostic test for susceptible and drug resistant TB
Grant: $10,000

Shu-Hua Wang, Microbial Infection and Immunity
Jordi Torrelles, Medicine
Improving Diagnosis of Multi-Drug Resistant TB in Rural Migrant Communities in China
Grant: $10,000

Sonkin-Bergmann Wasserman Scholarship

Conrad Rinto, Microbial Infection and Immunity
Summer Internship with Bosnia Initiatives for Local Development (BILD)
Scholarship: $1,000

Phyllis Krumm Scholarship

Carolyn Morgan, Political Science
From the Outside Looking in?: Xenophobia and Immigrant Integration in Germany
Scholarship: $2,500

Additional information is available on the Office of International Affairs grants and scholarships web page.