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G20 Youth Forum Invites Two Ohio State Students to Attend

Sarah MontellTwo Ohio State students have been invited to participate in the 2014 G20 Youth Forum, the largest international civil society event organized for young leaders.

Jacob Bogart, a senior majoring in French and globalization studies, and Sarah Montell, a junior majoring in public affairs, will join 1,200 students, young leaders, academics, business professionals and government representatives from around the world in in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, from May 7-10. Of the 1,200, Bogart and Montell were among the 150 students selected to participate in the Summit. Anthony Mughan, professor of political science and director of international studies, serves as their advisor.

Now in its ninth year, the G20 Youth Forum has hosted participants from more than 150 countries in locations all over the world including Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada and France. The forum’s overall goals are to involve young leaders in resolving current, pressing economic and social problems, establish an intercultural dialogue and build business partnerships and friendships.

Montell views G20 as an opportunity to extend her political involvement to a global level. “I became aware of the G20 Youth Forum through the John Glenn School of Public Affairs,” she said. “I am extensively involved throughout the Glenn school's programs and curriculum, and was thrilled to have an opportunity to represent them, and Ohio State, abroad.”

This year participants will attend three main events: the G20 Youth Summit “Resulting in Communique,” a conference entitled “Publication of Academic Articles” and the International Young Parliamentarians’ Debate.

Since he has already traveled to Germany, Bogart is ready to explore the country from a different perspective. “Germany is quite regionally diverse. While I've visited Hamburg and Berlin, I've never been to Bavaria or specifically Munich,” he said. “In terms of the G20, since I've had extensive experience in Model United Nations and at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, I'm very excited to put to practice what I've witnessed and learned.”

Jacob BogartMontell looks forward most to the engagement with global young leaders. “I'm perhaps most interested and excited to meet other young leaders from around the world, who have perspectives on these issues that I currently lack,” she said. “Expanding my diversity of thought on the policies we'll be debating - career and family opportunities for young people, youth entrepreneurship, food security, accessibility of education – and collaborating on mutual solutions will be such valuable knowledge to bring back to Ohio State.”

Participants in the summit must be between 18 and 30 years old, have good communication skills in English and be a young expert in international affairs. As a result of this experience, these young leaders will become closely aware of the government’s position on all important international issues related to G20.

Bogart sees great value in his opportunity to participate in the forum. “I am most excited to meet all of the other delegates from around the world,” he said. “I do hope to learn from the other international students what techniques they use in leadership. How leadership changes across cultures, for instance, and how I can use these ideas to influence my own leadership.”

The G20 Youth Forum is organized by the Swiss-based G8 & G20 Alumni Association. An international non-governmental organization which reunites the alumni of the G8 and G20 Youth Summits' as well as independent experts. The goal of the association is to integrate its alumni global community to share knowledge and insight in helping to solve current world problems.