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tuition waiver would assist students studying abroad with outside providers

Ohio State students participating in university-approved third party provider and direct enroll study abroad programs could soon see a decrease in costs to participate in these types of programs if a resolution passed by The Ohio State University Board of Trustees is approved by the Ohio Board of Regents.

Currently, students who enroll in these types of study abroad programs pay tuition to both Ohio State and the host institution, which substantially increases the cost of studying abroad. To alleviate costs, some students have taken a leave of absence from Ohio State in order to directly enroll in the provider program. After the program is completed, these students return to Ohio State and follow appropriate procedures to apply for transfer credit approval for the academic work completed while abroad. Other students may not have pursued this opportunity at all due to the high cost. Additionally, since these students studying abroad are not enrolled at Ohio State, the university is not as well positioned to assist them during a medical emergency, political unrest or a natural disaster.

The tuition waiver will allow students to remain enrolled at Ohio State while participating in university-approved third party provider/direct enroll study abroad programs while paying tuition only to the provider. By keeping these students connected to the university, Ohio State will be better positioned to manage their health and safety should an emergency occur while abroad.

From autumn 2012 to summer 2013, approximately 150 students participated in university-approved third party provider programs. The total number of students that studied abroad during this timeframe was 2,426. The waiver does not affect those students participating in Ohio State sponsored programs, which are supported, managed and administered by the university.

A decision by the Ohio Board of Regents is expected prior to the start of autumn semester 2014.