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Plans for Brazil Gateway Move Forward

The Ohio State University Board of Trustees approved a plan to move forward with the opening of a Global Gateway office in São Paulo, Brazil. Ohio State opened its first two Gateway offices in Shanghai, China in February 2010, and Mumbai, India in March 2012.

By having this institutional presence in these strategic regions, Ohio State opens the door to creating new partnerships and making lasting connections that benefit all stakeholders including students, faculty, staff and alumni of Ohio State. The Global Gateways also benefit friends of the university, surrounding communities and the state of Ohio by demonstrating Ohio State’s engagement in the global marketplace and its commitment to being an active participant in knowledge-based centers around the world.

“We are extremely pleased to receive support from the Board of Trustees and university leadership to open the Brazil Gateway,” said William Brustein, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs. “Ohio State’s presence in one of the key markets in the world will certainly bring new opportunities for teaching and research collaborations, renew and enhance our friendship with a growing alumni base and contribute to Ohio’s economy through partnerships with businesses operating globally.”

Ohio State’s Global Gateways have served as the catalyst to launch the university’s goal of becoming a preeminent global university. The Gateways serve as representative offices that enable the university to forge new partnerships with a multitude of constituencies, recruit international students, aid curriculum development with international themes, implement dual degree programs, facilitate faculty research and reconnect with a growing international alumni base. These multifaceted offices allow more flexibility than satellite campuses, serving instead as an international portal through which global engagement both at home and abroad is achieved.

Plans call for the Brazil Gateway to open in September in the Moema district, one of the premiere business districts in the city of São Paulo. São Paulo is the largest city in the southern hemisphere and Brazil boasts the largest economy in all of Latin America. The Brazil Gateway will focus on a number of key initiatives: 1) scouting new study abroad opportunities; 2) recruiting new international students; 3) enhancing institutional connections for faculty research and the development of dual degree programs; 4) partnering with global businesses to create internships for Ohio State students; 5) serving as a funding source for grant and scholarship opportunities; and 6) networking with alumni.

Ohio State has been strategically engaged in Brazil for nearly 50 years. Since 1964, Ohio State has maintained research and teaching collaborations with the University of São Paulo’s Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ/USP) in Piracicaba. Currently, Ohio State boasts more than 20 active faculty collaborations, seven study abroad programs and two student exchange programs. Recently, Ohio State and the Brazil state of São Paulo signed an agreement that created a $1.4 million funding source to support research and innovation. The partnership encourages researchers at Ohio State and any university in the state of São Paolo to collaborate on studies that can help citizens in both countries and people around the world.

Ohio State also is considering future Global Gateway sites in Turkey, sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.

The Ohio State University is a 2014 recipient of NAFSA’s Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Campus Internationalization.