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Apply Now for Faculty and Student Grants and Scholarships

The Office of International Affairs is now accepting applications for faculty research and study abroad seed grants as well as study abroad scholarships. Faculty grant programs provided by the Office of International Affairs serve to promote international educational opportunities that will have a lasting impact on increasing global awareness and understanding. The deadline for faculty to apply for the Gateway Research Seed Grant, the Gateway Study Abroad Seed Grant and the International Affairs Faculty Grant is Wednesday, January 22. The deadline to apply for Mershon Center Faculty Grants is Friday, January 31.

Several grant opportunities are also available for graduate students wishing to research projects that explore languages, cultures, arts, politics, economy, or socio-demographic aspects of a foreign region. The deadline for the International Affairs Grant is Wednesday, January 22 and the deadline for the Mershon Center Graduate Student Grants is Friday, January 31.

Additionally, the Office of International Affairs is seeking applications for study abroad scholarship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in studying or conducting research abroad. The Sonkin-Bergman-Wasserman Families’ Scholarship for International Understanding and Peace and the Phyllis Krumm Scholarship are available to graduate students and have application deadlines of Wednesday, January 22. 

The Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship, Francille M. Firebaugh Study Abroad Scholarship, International Security Study Abroad Scholarship and Jutta and Peter Neckermann Study Abroad Scholarship are available for undergraduate students and have application deadlines of Friday, January 31.

Visit the Office of International Affairs grants and scholarships page to learn more about these opportunities.