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Gifty Ako-Adounvo
Assistant Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs
614-688-5483, 144 Enarson Classroom Building
  Gifty Ako-Adounvo
Esther Gottlieb, Senior Advisor for International Affairs
614-292-6392, 124 Enarson Classroom Building
  Esther Gottlieb
Cindy (Xinquan) Jiang, Senior Research Associate
614-292-2523, 020Q Mershon Center
  Cindy Jiang
Joanna Kukielka-Blaser, Director, International Partnerships
614-292-9999, 115 Enarson Classroom Building
  Joanna Kukielka-Blaser
Margo Lipps, Program Coordinator, International Partnerships
614-688-5872, 130C Enarson Classroom Building
  Margo Lipps
Danielle White, Administrative Coordinator
614-247-7761, 148 Enarson Classroom Building
  Danielle White

Brazil Gateway

oia.osu.edu/brazil Avenida Ibirapuera, 2120 #164 - Moema - São Paulo - SP 04028-001 Brazil

Jane Aparecido, Academic Relations and Alumni Communication Manager, Brazil Gateway
aparecido.1@osu.edu Brazil Gateway
Brazil +55-11-97466-1123
  Jane Aparecido

Business Operations

Soyoung Carpenter, Grants and Project Manager
614-688-5489, 020P Mershon Center
  Soyoung Carpenter
Evan Horlacher, Administrative Associate
020P Mershon Center
Kirti Jain, Fiscal and Human Resources Officer
  Kirti Jain
Nick Maddron, Fiscal Associate
614-292-6053, 125 Enarson Classroom Building
  Nick Maddron
Sheri Matheny, Business Services Liaison
614-247-2338, 020E Mershon Center
  Sheri Matheny
Linda Montaño, Senior Director
614-247-2778, 020F Mershon Center
  Linda Montano
Kyle Muchmore, Fiscal Associate
614-688-1179, 020K Mershon Center
Patricia Palominos-Dunaeff, Human Resources Manager
614-247-2031, 020G Mershon Center
Juanita Ramirez-Huerta, Fiscal Associate
614-292-9079, 125 Enarson Classroom Building
  Juanita Ramirez-Huerta
Lizeth Rascón, Senior Business Manager
614-247-4026, 020K Mershon Center
  Lizeth Rascon

Center for African Studies - 145 Enarson Classroom Building

Laura Joseph, Assistant Director
614-292-8169, 145G Enarson Classroom Building
  Laura Joseph

Center for Latin American Studies - 145 Enarson Classroom Building

Megan Hasting, Assistant Director
614-688-4285, 145F Enarson Classroom Building
  Megan Hasting

Terrell Morgan, Director
614-688-4285, 145F Enarson Classroom Building

  Terrell Morgan

Center for Slavic and East European Studies - 145 Enarson Classroom Building

Jill Bystydzienski, Director
614-292-8770, 145B Enarson Classroom Building
  Jill Bystydzienski
Eileen Kunkler, Assistant Director
614-292-8770, 145B Enarson Classroom Building
  Eileen Kunkler
Maryann Walther-Keisel, Office Associate
614-292-8770, 145J Enarson Classroom Building
  Maryann Walter-Keisel

China Gateway

oia.osu.edu/china Unit 1203, 12/F, Tower 1, Jing An Kerry Center Tower 1, 1515 W. Nanjing Rd., 200040, Shanghai, P.R. China

Xiang (Shaun) Gu, Alumni Relations and Event Planning Specialist, China Gateway
+86 21 6225 0757 x 802


Xitong Song, Alumni Relations and Event Planning Specialist, China Gateway
86 21 6225 0757 x 802

Phoebe You, Director, China Gateway
+86 21 6225 0757 x 808
  Phoebe You
Tina Zhan, Senior Business Manager, China Gateway
+86 21 6225 0757 x 807
  Tina Zhan

Communications - 146 Enarson Classroom Building

Hannah Hackworth, Public Relations Coordinator
614-292-7962, 146 Enarson Classroom Building
  Hannah Hackworth
Maureen Miller, Director
614-247-2462, 143 Enarson Classroom Building
  Maureen Miller
Alessa Rosa, Public Relations Coordinator
614-688-2239, 146 Enarson Classroom Building
  Alessa Rosa
Victor van Buchem, Senior Communications Specialist
614-247-4828, 146 Enarson Classroom Building
  Victor van Buchem

East Asian Studies Center - 145 Enarson Classroom Building

Amy Carey, Senior Assistant Director
614-688-4253, 14A Enarson Classroom Building

  Amy Carey

Danielle Cooke, Fiscal Associate
614-247-6839, 145H Enarson Classroom Building

  Danielle Cooke

Janet Stucky-Smith, Assistant Director of Outreach
614-292-3345, 156A Enarson Classroom Building

  Janet Stucky

Etsuyo Yuasa, Director
614-292-1895, 145A Enarson Classroom Building

  Etsuyo Yuasa

Education Abroad - 140 Enarson Classroom Building

Elizabeth Angerman
Education Abroad Coordinator
180G Enarson Classroom Building
  Elizabeth Angerman
Jennifer Bickley
Education Abroad Coordinator
180I Enarson Classroom Building
  Jenny Bickley
Charlie Gbur
International Initiatives Coordinator
4156 Smith Lab
  Charlie Gbur
Tim Hornsby
Education Abroad Program Manager

126 Enarson Classroom Building
  Tim Hornsby
Grace Johnson
182 Enarson Classroom Building
  Grace Johnson
Nyya Jones
Education Abroad Specialist
180E Enarson Classroom Building
  Nyya Jones
Jenny Kraft
Education Abroad Specialist
180K Enarson Classroom Building
  Jenny Kraft
Leslie McCabe
Education Abroad Senior Program Manager
133 Enarson Classroom Building
  Leslie Anderson
Rebecca McMunn
Education Abroad Specialist
180C Enarson Classroom Building
  Rebecca McMunn
Kelly Newlon
Director of Education Abroad & Recruitment for CFAES
180 Enarson Classroom Building
  Kelly Newlon

Laurie Ogburn
Administrative Associate

186 Enarson Classroom Building

  Laurie Ogburn
Tiffany Pierskalla
Education Abroad Specialist
180B Enarson Classroom Building
  Tiffany Pierskalla
Erin Rasche
International Risk Management Coordinator
215E Ohio Stadium
  Erin Rasche
Leslie Roberts
Engineering Abroad Manager
180H Enarson Classroom Building
  Leslie Callihan
Difei Shen
Education Abroad Coordinator
2120 Fyffe Rd
  Difei Shen 
Dru Simmons
International Risk Manager

216B Ohio Stadium
  Dru Simmons
Jeannie Simmons
Associate Director
184 Enarson Classroom Building
  Jeannie Simmons
Becky Speraw
Office Associate

125B Enarson Classroom Building
Gretchen Turner
Education Abroad Program Manager

181 Enarson Classroom Building
  Gretchen Turner
Benjamin Ware
Education Abroad Information Associate

125A Enarson Classroom Building
  Benjamin Ware
Louise Yahiaoui
Education Abroad Specialist
180A Enarson Classroom Building
  Louise Yahiaoui

Global Gateways

Ashley Behrendt, Operations Manager
614-292-4521, 102 Bricker Hall
  Ashley Behrendt
Ryan Godfrey, Office Associate
614-292-7788, 102 Bricker Hall
  Ryan Godfrey

Global One Health Initiative - A100R Sisson Hall

Ashley Bersani, Program Manager
614-688-2897, A100R Sisson Hall
  Ashley Bersani

Tigist Endashaw, East Africa Program Manager
+251-911-22-26-42, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  Tigist Endashaw
Wondwossen Gebreyes, Executive Director
614-292-9559, A100R Sisson Hall
  Wondwossen Gebreyes
Emia Oppenheim, Business and Program Manager
614-688-1419, A 100 U Sisson Hall, 1920 Coffey Road
  Emia Oppenheim

Tunika Okatcha, Lab Manager
614-688-1373, A 100 W Sisson Hall, 1920 Coffey Road


Getnet Yimer, Eastern Africa Regional Director
+251-911-405-387, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  Getnet Yimer

India Gateway

oia.osu.edu/india 154-B, Makers Chambers VI, 220 Nariman Point, Mumbai, India, 400021

Mohan Davande, Office Aid, India Gateway
+91 022 2282 1156


Nikita Kharivale, Accounts Manager, India Gateway
+91 022 2282 1156

Vinod Rani, Administrative Manager, India Gateway
+91 022 2282 1156
Nikhil Tambe, Director, India Gateway

+91 022 2282 1156
Priya Vasant-Kurle, Assistant Director, India Gateway
+91 022 2282 1156

Institute for Chinese Studies -145 Enarson Classroom Building

Marjorie Chan, Director
chan.9@osu.edu 614-292-3619
  Marjorie Chan

Institute for Japanese Studies - 156 Enarson Classroom Building

Hajime Miyazaki, Director
miyazaki.1@osu.edu 614-292-3345

Institute for Korean Studies - 145 Enarson Classroom Building

Mitchell Lerner, Director
lerner.26@osu.edu 614-688-4253

International Students and Scholars - 140 Enarson Classroom Building

Kimberly Anthony
Senior Immigration Coordinator
  Kim Anthony
Robert Bauchmire
Scholar Immigration Coordinator
Rachel Beery
Program Assistant, Global Engagement
Renée Bishai
Program Coordinator, Global Engagement
  Renee Bishai
Latasha Carruthers
Office Associate
  Latasha Carruthers
Celeste Coleman
Front Desk Operations Coordinator
  Celeste Coleman
Oana Falasca
Scholar Immigration Coordinator
  Oana Falasca
Erik Gaarder
Student Immigration Coordinator
  Erik Gaarder
Carina Hansen
Director, International Students and Scholars
  Carina Hansen
Shaniqua Ingol
Program Coordinator, Global Engagement
  Shaniqua Ingol
Megan Lawther
Program Manager, Global Engagement
  Megan McCarthy
Matt Leonard
Sunapsis Business Analyst
Camila LeMaster
Student Immigration Coordinator
  Camila Lemaster Esquivel
Daniel Montour
Program Coordinator, Global Engagement 
  Daniel Montour
Arona Mostov
Student Immigration Coordinator
  Arona Mostov
Caroline Omolesky
Program Officer for Sponsored Programs and Academic Liaison
  Caroline Omolesky

Ruby Pentsil-Bukari
SEVIS Analyst and Compliance Officer

  Ruby Pentsil-Bukari
Mika Sasaki
Program Assistant, Global Engagement
  Mika Sasaki
Alex Scullion
Student Immigration Coordinator
  Alex Scullion
Gary Schickler
Scholar Immigration Coordinator
  Gary Schickler
Hank Sonderman
Scholar Immigration Coordinator
Roman Suer
Student Immigration Coordinator
  Roman Suer
Amanda Yusko
Program Manager
  Amanda Yusko

Middle East Studies Center - 140 Enarson Classroom Building

Melinda McClimans, Assistant Director
mcclimans.2@osu.edu 614-292-6506
  Melinda McClimans
Alam Payind, Director
payind.1@osu.edu 614-688-4321
  Alam Payind

Wuhan University - Ohio State University Center for American Culture

American Director of Wuhan University - Ohio State University Center for American Culture
Junping Liu
Chinese Director of Wuhan University - Ohio State University Center for American Culture