Global Education

Cultural Preparation


For many students, studying abroad will be their first time in another country and an extraordinary opportunity to learn about another part of the world from first-hand experience. Cultural immersion — interacting and living with people in other cultures — is an important part of the education abroad experience.

Students will attend the Office of International Affairs pre-departure orientations which will help them understand specific program goals and provide resources and websites about the host country. Students participating in a third-party provider, direct enroll or international exchange program should become familiar with the academic policies of the host institution and the day- to-day academic routine. Any questions or concerns about the academic program should be discussed with the education abroad specialist.

While abroad, students are expected to participate fully and enthusiastically in their education abroad program, attend all classes and participate in all program activities, including in-country program field trips, excursions and other group activities. Students should be prepared to be flexible in the event that an unpredicted change in an itinerary or a health problem arises. An unforeseen emergency can be disruptive. Being able to "go with the flow" and adapt to change is part of the education abroad experience.

Education Yourself

It is critical to begin now to learn about the country where you will be studying abroad.

Some ways of educating yourself include:

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