Global Education


Communicating with Friends and Family

Prior to going abroad, discuss with friends and family how you will be able to communicate and the apps you'll be using. Your communication frequency may change based on your schedule and availability of wireless connectivity abroad.

Changing your Mailing Address with Ohio State

Be sure to change your local address with Ohio State so that any mail sent by the university will go to a U.S. address where a parent or responsible friend will take care of your affairs. You can change your address at


Internet access varies widely from region to region. It can be easy to access in some places or require extra time and effort to access in others. Be sure to check your Ohio State email on a regular basis at If you are using a personal email address while abroad, you should forward your Ohio State email to your personal account at The Office of International Affairs and Ohio State will communicate with you through your Ohio State email account and provide you with important information, such as your registration information. Many host institutions or overseas residence halls will provide computer facilities with internet access, or you can access the internet for a fee at a local internet café.

Telephoning from Overseas

When you make your first call overseas, you will need to learn a new telephone system, which will vary from country to country. Here are some options for phoning while overseas.

Social Media

Think carefully about what you post online while you are abroad. Future employers, family members and university officials could come across your "social identity," which could have a negative impact on your future. Keep in mind that people in the United States are not the only ones watching these websites. Posting revealing information about yourself could make you a target both in the United States and in the country you are visiting.

Communication with the Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs looks forward to hearing from you while you are studying abroad. While you're away, feel free to drop us a line by sending a digital Postcard from Abroad.

The Office of International Affairs is also interested in showcasing your adventures through your photos and/or videos. While documenting your time abroad, please remember to take photos and/or videos:

If you choose to stay connected to friends and family via social media while you're abroad, stay connected to the Office of International Affairs as well — we can retweet your tweets, share your Facebook statuses, reblog you on Tumblr, regram you on Instagram and even host a blog on your behalf while you're away. Upon your return, please make sure to fill out an education abroad questionnaire, and feel free to email us any photos or videos from your program. 

For more information, to submit photos or videos or to make social media arrangements, please contact Victor van Buchem, senior communications specialist, at or 614-247-4828.