Global Education

Funding and Payment

Fee Payment to Ohio State

You can view your Statement of Account and pay your tuition fees through The Statement of Account will list the total charges assessed to your account for the semester, including any applicable education abroad program fees, and both are due on the same date.

Any financial aid awarded to you will be posted to your account. The remaining balance will be listed along with the date payment is due. To avoid penalty, payments must be submitted on or before the listed due date. Be sure to check your Statement of Account prior to the start of each semester that you are studying abroad to confirm that your Ohio State account is paid in full and clear of any holds.

Students participating in education abroad programs are subject to the same policies and procedures regarding fee payment as students studying on campus. Failure to satisfy the account balances may result in late financial penalties, holds and cancellation of university enrollment for non-payment. A student’s eligibility to study abroad is contingent upon his or her meeting all university academic and financial obligations.

Please remember that undergraduate students registered for at least 12 credit hours will be considered full time. Any student registered for more than 18 credit hours will also incur additional tuition charges. For more information, please visit

Before leaving for your education abroad program, you may want to arrange for a responsible person to take care of your affairs at home. The guardian feature at Ohio State allows students to set up a username and password for parents or other student-authorized users to make university fee payments online. Establishing a separate login does not give access to your grades, email, registration information or any other personal information. See instructions to set up guardian ePayments. If this authorized user will be contacting the Student Service Center with questions regarding your tuition and fees, you may choose to submit a FERPA Student Information Release. The Student Information Release is available in your Buckeye Link Student Center.

Financial Aid

Ohio State students receiving financial aid may be able to apply funding toward an education abroad program.

You will be able to access your financial aid when you participate in an Ohio State education abroad program as long as you are registered for at least half time (for loans) or full time (for most scholarships and grants) during each semester in which you are abroad. Financial aid applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronically by the February 1 deadline for the upcoming academic year. To file your FAFSA online, go to Indicate code #003090 in Section H on the FAFSA to ensure that Ohio State receives your FAFSA form.

Awarding of financial aid does not always align with the timing of application and admittance to education abroad.

Once you have been admitted to an education abroad program, the Office of International Affairs will provide a Financial Aid Study Abroad Budget — an estimated budget sheet — with your acceptance materials. Bring your budget sheet with you to walk-in hours with a student services specialist at Buckeye Link. The specialist will review your financial aid package based on this estimated budget. You may also want to appeal your loss of income resulting from being unable to earn money during the term(s) you are studying abroad. Please note that, while you may not know the amount of financial aid you will be awarded at the time of your acceptance to your education abroad program, this fact is not valid rationale for the appeal of cancellation fees.

Buckeye Link
281 West Lane Ave.
614-292-0300 or 1-800-678-6440

Students receiving financial aid and participating in a third party or direct enroll program should discuss payment plan options with the provider or host institution.

Additional Financial Resources

If you will be awarded a grant, scholarship or fellowship, please check with the source to determine how it will be disbursed to you.

Direct Deposit

If you are receiving financial aid or scholarships and your Ohio State tuition and fees (including the Office of International Affairs program fees) are less than the amount of your financial aid for that semester, you will be able to receive the excess balance (or "refund").

Set up a direct deposit to have refunds issued directly to your personal bank account anywhere in the United States. To set up direct deposit, go to

Once enrolled, the direct deposit service will continue every semester. If you change bank account numbers, be sure to update your direct deposit information in My Buckeye Link.