Global Education

Credit Evaluation

For most programs, you are required to obtain credit pre-approval for the courses you take while studying abroad. In order to receive Ohio State credit for a course taken at another institution or program, you will need to initiate a credit evaluation process well in advance of departure.

Each academic department at Ohio State has a designated transfer credit coordinator. For each course that you take abroad, you will work with the transfer credit coordinator who represents the academic department where you'd like to earn credit. This coordinator will review your course information and assign an Ohio State graded course equivalency, if applicable. You may need to meet with coordinators from several different departments.

Some programs have existing pre-approved courses available. Students who take pre-approved courses will not need to complete the credit evaluation process for those courses. Pre-approved course listings are located under the academics tab of each program brochure page, which can be found in each program listing page found via the search function. If your chosen program does not have existing Ohio State course credit indicated in the academic tab, you will need to complete the steps outlined below.


Global education credit evaluation steps:

  1. Visit your program provider or host institution’s website to view course offerings. Determine the courses you would like to take along with a back-up course for each. In most cases, your course selection will not be finalized until you arrive in your program’s host country.
  2. Identify the transfer credit coordinator for the department in which you wish to receive credit. View the transfer credit coordinator list to find the appropriate contact.
  3. If you wish to receive credit from different departments, you must contact the transfer credit coordinator in each department.
  4. For each transfer credit coordinator you contact you will need to provide them with a copy of the OIA Global Education Evaluation of Credit Form. You will also need to provide them with a copy of the syllabus or course description for each class you plan to take during the global education program.
  5. The departmental transfer credit coordinator will review your course syllabi and and complete the OIA Global Education Evaluation of Credit Form, as appropriate.


Important points to remember: