Global Education

Academic Credit and Advising

Faculty-led Programs

The pre-established course credit is noted on the Academics tab on each program brochure. Your program’s faculty resident director(s) will provide you with a syllabus prior to departure. You are encouraged to direct any questions about how you will be assessed to your resident director(s). Your academic advisor can advise you on how the credit you earn can fulfill graduation requirements.

Third Party Provider/Direct Enroll/International Exchange Programs

All credits earned are transferable to Ohio State, pending approval of individual academic departments via the credit evaluation process. Consult the host institution’s website for course descriptions and/or syllabi for the classes you wish to take, as well as several back-up options.

Meet with your academic advisor in your college of enrollment (Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Ecology, etc.) well in advance of your education abroad program to discuss your education abroad plans. Ohio State academic departments approve Ohio State equivalency credit for courses completed during your program, but your academic advisor will advise you on how your education abroad credit fulfills graduation requirements (major, minor, general education and/or elective credit hours). Your academic advisor can also help you plan your course schedule for the semesters preceding and following your program so that you continue to make progress toward your academic degree without interruption.

Grading systems vary across the globe. Be sure to ask at the beginning of your program how you will be evaluated and who is responsible for submitting the final course grades to Ohio State. In many cases, the course syllabus will define course objectives and requirements, including criteria for grading.