Global Education

Travel Disruptions

Ohio State consistently monitors and assesses safety or security information that may impact university travelers. In the event of a significant health, safety or security concern abroad, Global Health and Safety, in conjunction with the International Travel Policy Committee, is responsible for considering suspension, modifications, relocations or evacuations of current travel and postponement or suspension of planned university supported international programs and individual student travel.

Issues that may require changes to pending or current travel:

The international risk manager is the first point of review for any significant health, safety or security concern that may impact travelers.

Political emergency and natural disaster evacuation coverage 

All student travel entered into the Ohio State travel registration system will be enrolled in an insurance policy through GeoBlue, which includes Political Emergency and Natural Disaster Evacuation (PEND) coverage through Drum Cussac. In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation, GeoBlue in consultation with Drum Cussac will determine if an evacuation order will be issued and covered under the policy. A covered evacuation will be coordinated by Drum Cussac according to the benefits of the policy. Covered evacuations are often quick and for a very limited duration. Students who refuse to comply with an Ohio State directive to evacuate during a covered event will lose their PEND insurance coverage and not be provided further evacuation services by Drum Cussac or Ohio State.