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In-country Care

In-country Routine Care

The most commonly reported health issues abroad are related to gastrointestinal issues, dehydration, fatigue, cold, flu or minor injuries. The vast majority are treated as outpatient care by a local doctor, at a local clinic or by visiting the emergency room of the nearest hospital. For this type of non-urgent, routine care, see the insurance section and consult


In-country Emergency Care

In the event of a medical emergency that may require immediate treatment, hospitalization or medical evacuation, see the medical emergencies directions in the emergencies abroad section.  

Medical evacuation

In the event of a medical emergency, if the medical team at GeoBlue determines the initial provider cannot supply the level of care needed, GeoBlue can authorize a medical evacuation to the most appropriate medical care. If authorized, GeoBlue will arrange to have participants evacuated to the nearest qualified medical facility in the country or region, or if necessary arrange medical transport back to the United States. The use of the medical evacuation benefit is subject to the authorization by GeoBlue and is subject to the terms and limitations of the policy.  

Bedside benefit

If a traveler is confined to a hospital with an injury or sickness for more than three days, is likely to be hospitalized for more than three days or is in critical condition, GeoBlue may authorize a beside benefit for the cost of one economy round-trip airfare ticket to, and the hotel accommodations for one person in, the place of the hospital confinement. Payment for meals, ground transportation and other incidentals are the responsibility of the family member or friend. The use of the bedside benefit requires preauthorization by GeoBlue and is subject to the terms and limitations of the policy.