Global Education

Using the Insurance

If you need to see a medical professional for care of a preexisting condition, care for a sudden illness or injury, or to fill a prescription while abroad, you can consult the GeoBlue directory of local providers at, via the GeoBlue Passport app or by contacting GeoBlue Global Health and Safety Services:

GeoBlue will list two types of providers:

  1. Network Providers
  2. Listed Non-Participating Providers

There is no deductible and no copayment for your medical care covered by the supplemental insurance plan. Students can pursue medical treatment from a Network Provider, a listed non-participating provider, or a local clinic or licensed medical professional at their destination and GeoBlue will cover 100% of any covered medical expense. How the payment works depends on which provider you choose.    

If you select a Network Provider, GeoBlue can have the cost of your medical care paid directly to the provider. In most instances, this will require you to contact GeoBlue in advance of care to provide a guarantee of payment. If the provider accepts the guarantee of payment, they will bill GeoBlue directly for the cost of your care. If you select a listed non-participating provider, an unlisted local provider, or if you do not contact GeoBlue in advance of a Network Provider visit, you will likely have to pay the cost of your care up front and file a claim with GeoBlue after the fact to be reimbursed. Please make sure to keep all receipts and documentation associated with your visit in order to support your claim for reimbursement.

If you are traveling abroad on a program with Ohio State faculty and staff, you can request arrangements to be made for accompaniment to a hospital or doctor. However be advised that they do not carry funds to pay costs for routine and non-emergency medical care in-country for students. Travelers should expect to cover these costs and are advised to have an accessible contingency fund or credit card with them to cover any out-of-pocket expenses. Keep in mind that even if a doctor or facility is listed in the GeoBlue directory, there is no guaranteed access to immediate medical care for routine and non-emergency medical needs. An appointment can sometimes mean long waiting times and missing a scheduled activity. Although you may not want to miss an item on your itinerary abroad, maintaining your health is most important and you do not want to delay care and risk further complications.

For more information about using the insurance, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.