Global Education

Preexisting Conditions

The GeoBlue insurance plan provides coverage for maintenance or treatment of most pre-existing conditions. Travelers who manage a chronic health condition, suffer from severe allergies or take medication that is incompatible with drugs that might be used for emergency treatment should consider wearing a medical alert ID during their travels. It is advisable to have a medical ID customized in the language of the destination of travel or to carry a laminated card with critical medical information written in both English and the host language. 

Health Information Form

Travelers on Ohio State approved or managed programs are required to submit a Health Information Form as part of their post-acceptance materials. The form enables travelers to proactively assist in their personal health assessment and management plan for travel abroad. Individuals are asked to disclose any allergies, physical and mental health conditions, medications and treatment plans. The information is confidentially reviewed by Student Health Services and is not shared with faculty and staff coordinating or leading travel abroad. It is critical for participants to fully disclose all required health information as changes in stress levels and diet can trigger acute episodes of many chronic or cyclical conditions. In some locations, treatment or essential components of healthcare support systems for managing health concerns may be limited.

Accommodations and Disabilities Form

Travelers seeking reasonable accommodations based on health or medical information to participate in an Ohio State approved or managed program should provide this information on the Accommodations and Disabilities Form. This post-acceptance form is shared with program coordinators and program leaders in order to determine reasonable accommodations. Students seeking accommodations based on dietary preferences, allergies and medical concerns should also consult the Accommodations and Disabilities section of the OIA website. 

Special Note: If traveling on a program administered or hosted by another organization, university or third-party provider, you may be asked to complete similar health, accommodations and disabilities forms. OIA advises travelers to provide identical health information since Ohio State will not routinely share any of your medical information with these providers unless it is related to arranging specific reasonable accommodations requested by the student.