Grants and Scholarships

Faculty, Research, Teaching and Outreach Grant

Faculty Awardees

  • Valente B. Alvarez (Department of Food, Science and Technology) for The Importance of Food Science and Technology as an Area of Agro-Industries,” Peru, South America, Center for Latin American Studies
  • Felix Chang (Moritz College of Law) for “Research Project on Renminbi Internationalization,” China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, East Asian Studies Center
  • Theodora Dragostinova (Department of History for “The Repatriation of Children in the Post – 1918 Balkans, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Center for Slavic East European and Eurasian Studies
  • Matthew Johnson (Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures) for “Yiddish Archival Sources and the Holocaust,” Eastern Europe, Center for Slavic East European and Eurasian Studies
  • Yonsoo Kang-Parker (Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures) for “Immersive Virtual Tour Catalog of South Korea,” South Korea, East Asian Studies Center
  • Namiko Kunimoto (Department of Art History) for “Transpacific Erasures: Art, Gender, and Race and the Afterlives of Japanese Imperialism,” East Asia and Southeast Asia, East Asian Studies Center
  • Aimee Moore (Department of Architecture for “Latin American Architecture: Diverse Community
    Outreach Program, Student Workbooks,” Latin America, Center for Latin American Studies
  • Hollie Nyset-Nzitatira (Department of Sociology) for “Understanding the Genocide in Guatemala, Guatemala, Center for Latin American Studies
  • Scopas S. Poggo (Department of African American and African Studies) for “Voices of War and Peace in The Sudan, 1955-2022 Civilians, Combatants, and Foreign Observers,” Sudan, Center for African Studies
  • Ana Elena Puga (Department of Theatre, Film and Media Arts) for “Japanese Migration to Latin America in Three Works by the Contemporary Playwright and Director Kamisato Yudai,” East Asia, Japan and Latin America, East Asian Studies Center
  • Johanna Sellman (Department of Near Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures) for “Dimensions of Arabic: Critical and Creative Perspectives on a Global Language, Middle East, Middle East Studies Center
  • Caroline S. Wagner (John Glenn College of Public Affairs) for “Geopolitical Concerns and Political Trends Influence the Formation of International Collaborative Research Teams,” China, East Asian Studies Center
  • Max D. Woodworth (Department of Geography) for “Urbanization, Urbanism, Urban Planning and Design in East Asia,” Taiwan, East Asian Studies Center