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2006-2007 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

2006-2007 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

For the 2006-07 academic year, Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Lauren Anderson, majoring in communications, (Ecuador)
  • Julie Baker, majoring in English, (England)
  • Matthew Bauman, (Germany)
  • Kyle Bergman, majoring in international studies, (Japan)
  • Amanda Bisesi, majoring in agricultural and extension education food, (Czech Republic)
  • Michael Brooks, majoring in agrobusiness food, (Australia)
  • Elizabeth Burns, majoring in French & Italian (Canada)
  • Jodi Burns, majoring in music education, (Austria)
  • Adam Davie, (Italy)
  • Emily Ellis, majoring in sociology, (Ireland)
  • Amanda Gamble, majoring in agricultural and extension education food, (Dominican Republic)
  • Kia Grant, majoring in communications, (Argentina)
  • Holly Hauser, majoring in veterinary medicine, (Australia)
  • Rachel Inboden, majoring in communications, (Spain)
  • Lisa Jankowski, majoring in Italian, (Italy)
  • Joan Janning, (Italy)
  • Robyn Luckett, majoring in nursing, (Australia)
  • Audrey Monroe, majoring in political science, (Germany)
  • Shaun Newcomer, majoring in economicc, (China)
  • Erika Nosrati, majoring in human resource management, (France)
  • Tierra Poindexter, majoring in criminology, (Ecuador)
  • Andrew Riedy, majoring in arts and sciences, (Russia)
  • Andrew Spearman, (Denmark)
  • Jason Terry, majoring in French and Italian, (France)
  • Nicholas Torres, (Mexico)
  • Meghan Watson, majoring in international studies, (Spain)