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2004-2005 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

2004-2005 Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship Recipients

For the 2004-05 academic year, Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarships were awarded to:

  • Winmay Au, majoring in architecture (France)
  • Jason Block, majoring in accounting, (England)
  • Andrew Calhoun, majoring in architecture, (Italy)
  • Mun Chuk Chong, majoring in marketing, (France)
  • Tiffany Christie, majoring in exploration, (Spain)
  • Robert Daniell, majoring in physics
  • Wendy Dray, majoring in German, (Germany)
  • Mark Dyer, majoring in history, (France)
  • Deborah Elliott, majoring in history of art, Canada)
  • Kali Gallaher, majoring in animal science, (Australia)
  • Joseph Gerber, majoring in history, (France)
  • Kevin Hartzell, majoring in turf science, (Turf Science)
  • Kyla Hedges, majoring in pollitical science, (Italy)
  • Gregory Lawrence, majoring in architecture (France)
  • Emily McClanahan, majoring in nursing, (Australia)
  • Clint Nethero, majoring in international business, (China)
  • Carolyn Pierce, majoring in political science, (Sweden)
  • Seth Reno, majoring in English, (England)
  • Douglas Shaffer, majoring in history (Russia)
  • Gregory Thompson, majoring in accounting, (Scotland)
  • Anne Ugodnikova, majoring in marketing, (France)
  • Travis Waller, majoring in finance and economics, (Denmark)
  • Brandon Williams, majoring in marketing, (England)