Global Health & Safety

Health and Safety Resources

Student safety on education abroad experiences is a combined effort among the staff from the Office of International Affairs, Office of Risk Management and Insurance, Ohio State faculty and staff leading programs, international program partners and the individual students choosing to participate. Ohio State regularly monitors and reviews the health and safety of our programs abroad, but there are many facets that rely on the actions of the individual participant who is traveling abroad. Individual safety cannot be guaranteed abroad or in the United States; however, Ohio State is committed to maximize safety for students who participate in Ohio State education abroad programs. We encourage participants to take the necessary steps to enhance their safety and security abroad by carefully reviewing all of the information contained in the Health and Safety section, completing the online orientation and attending all additional orientation meetings for their travel.   

The Office of International Affairs uses multiple resources to establish a protocol for health and safety. These include:

Ohio State has safety protocols for all of our education abroad students, and: