Global Health & Safety



Ohio State students traveling to international locations for the purpose of study abroad, undergraduate or graduate independent research, dissertation work, departmentally registered internships, service projects or with a university registered organization are required to enroll in the university’s supplemental international insurance which is provided through GeoBlue. The insurance includes coverage for medical, medical evacuation, repatriation and political emergency and natural disaster evacuation.

The cost of the insurance is $1.67 per day. For students participating in education abroad programming coordinated through the Office of International Affairs, the cost is built into the program fee and enrollment is automatic as part of the program application and admission process. Students who are traveling abroad independently should follow the instructions for enrolling in the supplemental insurance.

For more information about the enrollment requirement, the policy and other details, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or the Traveler Insurance section.


University faculty and staff traveling with students abroad should also be enrolled in the supplement insurance plan in order to:

  • Utilize the medical and safety resources in program planning and student pre-departure planning;
  • Allow University faculty and staff to access the resources to assist students in an emergency abroad; and
  • Facilitate an emergency evacuation as a group.  
  • More information specific to the PEND coverage provided by Drum Cussac.

For more information on the insurance policy include enrollment and FAQs on the insurance requirement and use of the insurance can be found on the Health and Safety section.