International Students

Faculty and Instructor Resources

Teaching students of different cultural backgrounds requires flexibility and adjustment on both parties. This page offers ways for faculty and instructors to help international students be successful in the classroom, especially in an online or hybrid mode of teaching.

Student Academic Success 

International students are facing more challenges due to the pandemic. Keep in mind the following:

Tips on helping with international student success in an online environment 

Faculty Support and Resources 

Cultural Understanding 

The Office of International Affairs hosts its International Student Experience Workshop Series for faculty and staff every semester. The three-part series serves to educate participants about life as an international student and offer guidance on how to best work with this population.  

The workshops include presentations by staff from OIA and other university offices, as well as a panel of international students who answer questions and share their experiences.  

Information about the Spring 2023 International Student Experience Workshops will be announced in January.

Academic Freedom 

Beware that in certain countries, video conferencing technology can place student and faculty data at risk. You may also confront conflicting issues of equity, accessibility and vulnerability as you interact with students online. This is especially the case when discussing issues in lectures (especially recorded lectures) that may be seen as controversial in the student's home country.  

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