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Ways to Go Abroad

There are many ways to study or travel abroad as a student at Ohio State, and understanding your different options will help you choose the option that meets your needs. Knowing these terms will allow you to easily navigate the myriad of opportunities Ohio State has to offer.

  • University Approved Programs
    University approved study abroad programs that have undergone an extensive proposal process, have been reviewed and approved at the college level and are managed by the Office of International Affairs. There are four types of university approved programs:
    • Ohio State faculty-led programs
      Groups of Ohio State students study together with an Ohio State faculty or staff member or graduate teaching assistant serving as resident director.
    • Third Party Provider Programs
      Programs managed by another U.S. or educational organization that are selected by an Ohio State academic unit.
    • Direct Enroll Programs
      Programs that allow students to enroll directly in classes at a foreign institution with whom Ohio State affiliates, but are not part of a student exchange agreement, selected by an Ohio State academic unit.
    • International Exchange Programs
      Programs that allow third and fourth year Ohio State students to study at a foreign language institution while a student from that institution comes to study at Ohio State.
  • University Managed Programs
    Education abroad experiences managed by an academic or administrative unit at Ohio State, but not directly administered by the Office of International Affairs. Examples of these programs include Buck-I-SERV, Buckeye Leadership Fellows, Scholars cohort programming and the Outdoor Adventure Center. This does not include programming initiated by student organizations.
  • Independent Education Abroad
    Programs in which students are not enrolled at Ohio State, but rather participate through another university or third party provider. An independent education abroad student does not maintain Ohio State enrollment, earns only transfer (K) credit and does not usually have access to financial aid.
  • Service Learning and Volunteer
    Service learning is an activity that is specifically organized to meet certain learning outcomes while meeting community needs. Volunteering also can benefit a community but programming may not be tied to academic credit.
  • Research and Conference Travel
    Travel abroad to conduct research or to attend a conference. Grant opportunities may be available for this kind of travel.
  • Internship or Work Abroad
    Find an internship or job abroad just as you might here in the United States. Work experiences abroad are not facilitated by the Office of International Affairs, so you will need to conduct any and all research on potential employers yourself.
  • Student Organization Travel
    Ohio State registered student organizations may travel to international locations by following the Office of International Affairs group international travel guidelines and best practices.