Global Education

Identity and Inclusion

Education abroad is a critical component of what it means to be a globally competent citizen. In today’s economic marketplace, it is essential to gain international experience in order to actively participate and make a difference in our increasingly global society. At Ohio State, we want every student to know that they have the opportunity to study abroad with other Ohio State students and professors, take classes through a foreign university or an exchange program, complete an independent study or service learning project, conduct research or participate in an internship program.

For many students, studying abroad will be their first time in another country and an extraordinary opportunity to learn about another part of the world from firsthand experience. It is critical to research how the different aspects of your identity will be perceived in the country(ies) where you will be studying abroad. The more research you do about the host country’s political system, culture, customs and language, the better prepared you will be for living in and understanding the host society.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Studying abroad can be a great time for self-exploration and individual growth, and sexual orientation and gender identity can be a fluid concept. Should you identify yourself as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex, it is very important to research your host country’s attitudes and laws prior to your departures.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Cultural and racial diversity are significant factors for students in choosing a study abroad program. Attitudes toward race differ widely across the globe and it is important to make yourself aware of any racial or ethnic conflicts that may exist in your host country.

Students with Disabilities

Just as cultures differ from country to country, so do perceptions of disability and reasonable accommodations. In collaboration with the Office of Student Life Disability Services, the Office of International Affairs seeks to enable all students to pursue an international experience.

First Generation College Students

As the first person in your family to study abroad while in college, you will likely have many questions. The education abroad coordinators in the Office of International Affairs are there to provide guidance to students every step of the way.

STEM Students

Every student at Ohio State – no matter their major – can study abroad. While traditionally students in science, technology, engineering and math majors haven’t gone abroad in large numbers, the need for engineers to design and solve problems in an internationalized marketplace is higher than ever. Ohio State has many programs designed with STEM students in mind.

Students with High Financial Need

The Office of International Affairs strives to develop programs that are as affordable as possible. All Ohio State students may apply for grants and scholarships and can apply most of their financial aid to program costs.


Student-athletes can and do study abroad at Ohio State. Education abroad provides you the opportunity to participate in and contribute to university initiatives beyond the playing field. The Student-Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO) provides funding opportunities for Global May programs and other resources are available on campus to help make your international dream a reality.