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Is Chinese a required skill if I participate in any exchange program or internship in China?

For study opportunities, there are English-taught programs offered by local universities in the areas of language, culture, business, etc. There are also advanced level Chinese language courses if you have already studied Chinese for a while. For internships, if the firms do accept foreign interns, they usually don’t require Chinese language skills. However, it will always be helpful to have a good knowledge of Chinese.

How do I find an internship/work opportunity in China?

The China Gateway offers the Global Internship Program during the summer. Due to the current visa regulations in China, Chinese citizenship is required for the 2017 program. For domestic students, please contact Business Manager Tina Zhan at zhan.95@osu.edu for more opportunities. For full-time opportunities, please note that the current regulations require two years of work experience in order to apply for the work visa in China. Please feel free to reach out to our office directly for more information.

How can I search for a specific education abroad program in China?

Visit Education Abroad. In the “country” column, choose “China,” and click on “search programs.” All the programs will be listed.  

Are there publications available that describe the China Gateway?

Gateway fact sheet and Ohio State/China facts